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Everyone benefits with early payments

Managing vendor invoices, payments, and cash flow is an uphill battle, offer your clients and vendors what others can’t – invoices without payment terms.
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  • Streamline your accounts payable
  • Secure your supply chain
  • Offer early payments for vendors
  • Offer digital invoicing for vendors

Why partner with Quickly?

Control Costs

Vendors submit invoices on time – allowing your accounting department to close month end faster.

Build Vendor Confidence

Build vendor confidence and become their preferred partner by closing cash flow gaps.

Secure Supply Chain

Help your vendors grow by supercharging their cash flow before invoices are due.

Pay By Credit Card

Get cashback, receive rewards and build credit while extending your payments further when needed.

One platform

A single platform to receive all of your invoices and bills. Easily approve, decline, revise & send or receive payments.

Approval workflows

Organize a team within your business profile to appoint and manage special approvers.

No-pressure payments

Watch your income catch up to your expenses when you use Quickly to delay payment terms.  No more paying bills before you’ve been paid by your clients.


How does it work for partners?


Receive invoice

Your service providers or vendors send you an invoice.

Invoice Reviewed

You review and approve the details of the services being billed.

Invoice Approved

Once services are approved we pay your vendor for you!

Pay Invoice

You pay Quickly when the invoice is due, or you can even buy yourself more time!

Trusted by businesses like yours

Offer what others can’t – invoices without payment terms.

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